An Old Erie Reminder

remember that day, you and I
restlessly still, unpacked
with a case of fooled ambition
the brochure plans still intact

spent, the whole weak, hauling cargo:
imported craft from the Old World
piled neat, in over our heads
excised by customs, taxed and tolled

when we said, “Enough is enough.”
drove a circle around city square
left our belonging for the free-way
and set out for not here nor there

but for a trek East along the river
where the NO-TRESPASS sign-posts roam
(we go where we want to go
  the earth is OUR home)

beyond the broken city limits
and the post-industrial decline
we touched on a more tender landscape
fastened beneath the rust-belt line

where by the pink and purple sky
etched forever in my mind
we atoned for our flawed conception
and embraced in mortal design

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