Clocked Out

once there was a time
we made everything from stones
but now it’s all: We Do

we take the whole
and break it into its parts
break it into a hole
kind of mess:

we are left
with less than the whole
less than the some
remainder of it all
left with more than enough
reason enough
to yearn

while we know not
what is

the matter? some quota
from some time gone
from some Man-unkind who
quoted “Production”

suited for the Taylor
or sew-it-seams
for Man-aging without
having been

or for the clergy profit fellow
who daily gives Appraise,
the son of man, then asks again
if any One can, save him from his syn-
tactical corporate ideal

to give:
some way to feel?

man as machine
functional and clean
held in high esteem

always, always

for something more
or something less
some thing

always, always

since of-this-world
had become

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