Collegetown, USA

that’s one more box of circuits
for the free-cycle junkies
who feed off the curb
of end-days regret

This city is a way-station;
the people come
only to leave

like a screen saver
that spawns fresh life
from nothing, nowhere
when we were too late to notice
the first puncture in the landscape
that swam downstream

for awhile, there is
new couches, new kitchens
new coaches, new cushions

until the wrist-flick moment:
they all disappear
and so will I

It is a hard drive
for anyone to take
wound up in worn cables
taut and intestate
caught and decrepit
like nana’s mind,

holding on to the last few shares
of our joint venture

a once ambitious young investor
I denied the fundamentals
that all markets

this is the final rally
of my dot-com boom

I am sorry,
but it is better that we know
the mail flyer physics, who wrote:
“Everything must go”

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