Held Back Cheers

there’s an intrusion detected
a pollution prospected
a seclusion projected
by thoughts of belong

so quick to the bottle and “AHH”
the munition injected
the confusion corrected
the illusion perfected
and finally clean:

the glass, at last, the succulent mass

to cover the pane
that gapes the facade
the unsheltered shapes
between masonry parts

where the cold draft blows
until a cold drought flows
downed, gargled, and gorged
as the tongue tumbles and throws

until tied up with letters
mutant and transposed
that like sorcery spell
some other man’s words

and for what?

the chance to spew matter
noxious and scorn
to lay retching and wretched
on each Sabbath morn?

on the job you proclaim,
“I’m a practical man
  I live and let live
    and I do what I can.”
but is this really
a tractable plan?

to arrest your cognition
for a minor infraction
to solve for the “Why”
with addiction subtraction?

well, you can try

to saturate the airways
in subterfuge and collude
with the agents who promise
a prosperous deluge
and cut through the wires
that signal out smoke
with chemical scissors
on synaptic spokes

but when the room stops its spin
and the network goes live
and the receiver tunes in
to a crisp AM chime
how will you mind?

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