The Giving Tree (Foreword)

it was a warm day in October
when our feet finally took hold
of the same earth that cradles
every beast in this world

when before night we had devised
how to make paper from skin
and we took care as we took turns
carving our initials in

and although we both knew too well
we were only built of flesh parts
we dared to write “Forever”
beneath the names and the heart

as the lichen testified before us
that every dream can and will
reach great heights when dreamt asleep
beside the Falls of the Neverkille

and you took the time to pause the day
to promise me you always would
meet me here with shelter
if the winds of pain passed through

though I knew you hadn’t much
lining the pockets of your green dress
still you told me in no ambiguous terms
I’d always have the better half

but the words that would burgeon
from the gardens of your tongue
was all it ever took to make me want
to taste the air with my lungs

now at times I wonder if the crabapples
we ate were maybe just starch
but they were ours and they were so sweet
sat, watching the crayfish march

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